Vivitek uses multiple high-end projectors to build the latest Shanghai Changning Digital Experience Museum

Dec 19, 2023

Vivitek uses multiple high-end projectors to build the latest Shanghai Changning Digital Experience Museum

Digital imaging technology, along with the development of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, and virtual reality, has become an important engine for industrial innovation and development in various industries. It especially plays an extremely critical role in the digital transformation of the cultural industry.

With intelligent, diversified and convenient digital technology display and experience, the Digital Changning Experience Museum, located in Changning Art Park, a new commercial Economic Demonstration Zone, was officially opened recently. The museum covers an area of 2,200 square meters and perfectly presents the technological charm of "Digital Changning" with diversified and convenient digital technology display.

The main hall has a total of 8 main exhibition halls. Delta's projection brand Vivitek has used more than 20 high-brightness laser projectors to create multiple sets of colorful video exhibition, showing the more than 20 years of construction of Changning.

The immersive exhibition area in the museum focuses on the three major areas of urban economy, life and governance. It uses 15 Vivitek laser projectors for large venue to create an immersive giant image through four-sided projection. With the application of big data technology, Real-time display of information and detailed introductions in the seven fields of Changning District’s digital economy, digital parks, digital ecology, digital services, digital commerce, digital party building and industrial Internet.
With the excellent brightness, high contrast ratio and color reproduction of Vivitek high-end laser projectors, it can accurately restore the grand and dynamic images of digital scenes, allowing every visitor to truly experience the digitalization of the economy. , the digitalization of life and the updated development of digitalization of urban governance, perfectly present the strategic steps of Changning District in promoting the digital transformation of the city.
Changning Digital Experience Center also shows us the city in the digital era for future experience. With eight Vivitek laser projectors, gives the future city the most gorgeous virtual drawing. The urban architecture full of cyberpunk style is like a dream forest, buildings, roads, and residents form a harmonious urban ecology, which is beautiful and interconnected.
Vivitek laser projectors features small size, high brightness, stable performance, flexible installation and strong compatibility. It is especially suitable for exhibitions, museums, large banquet halls and other related industries, and can provide many personalized models and solutions for users to choose from.

Vivitek large venue projectors have always provided stable quality and perfect services. Through continuous innovation, have promoted the further integration of imaging and digital technology, making various urban exhibition halls an important part of building urban culture for building digital cities.